It’s a Jungle in Here!!

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Congratulations to Jennifer and John!!  They are expecting their first born child, Ian, who will be estimated to arrive into this world on August 4, 2014!  I was so thrilled and excited when they asked me if I could make jungle animal cake pops.  I have been itching to make these for the longest time but never had the chance to and this was my time to do it!  I have never ever made these before and of course I got my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.  These took a whole day to make but it was so worth it  because I got so many compliments on it throughout the baby shower!  It made me so happy and even more happier to see the joy on other people’s faces while they bite into the animal’s head! These were so fun to make and I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Merry Christmas!

photo 4 (12)

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photo 1 (17)

photo 2 (17)photo 5 (3)Had an order of 100 cake pops!!  Definitely had fun making the peppermint ones!  Those are probably my favorite because I love anything mint flavored!!  These were definitely time consuming because there were 3 different flavors!  Red velvet, carrot cake, and chocolate mint!  

On a side note, the new year is coming!  My time is very precious and this is why prices are changing for the upcoming year!  Please email me fore further updates! I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for your support!  Definitely could have not done it without you guys!  Thanks again and have a safe holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving

photo (4)Happy Thanksgiving !  A day to eat and give thanks seems like such a simple life!  I definitely had fun making these because when I usually drizzle cake pops, it is usually only one color but this time, I did multiple colors! Thanksgiving has so many fall colors that I decided to incorporate them all!  Doesn’t it feel like fall?