Merry Christmas!

photo 4 (12)

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photo 2 (17)photo 5 (3)Had an order of 100 cake pops!!  Definitely had fun making the peppermint ones!  Those are probably my favorite because I love anything mint flavored!!  These were definitely time consuming because there were 3 different flavors!  Red velvet, carrot cake, and chocolate mint!  

On a side note, the new year is coming!  My time is very precious and this is why prices are changing for the upcoming year!  Please email me fore further updates! I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for your support!  Definitely could have not done it without you guys!  Thanks again and have a safe holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving

photo (4)Happy Thanksgiving !  A day to eat and give thanks seems like such a simple life!  I definitely had fun making these because when I usually drizzle cake pops, it is usually only one color but this time, I did multiple colors! Thanksgiving has so many fall colors that I decided to incorporate them all!  Doesn’t it feel like fall?

League of Legends






1424459_10202303037203521_620571415_nThis order was by far, the most difficult thing that I had created.  Some people may think that it is ONLY 12 cake pops to do, but you have to think that each of them have different characteristics.  Believe it or not, it took me about 6-7 hours to make these!  Some were definitely hard than others and some were very simple.  Stopped by the candy store to pick up a few edible candies for detailing the cake pops.  Overall, not a bad job!  The very bottom picture is my client’s picture!  Love it when people take pictures of them!  Hope they were enjoyed!


Happy Housewarming



1422627_10101912940838055_1797170226_nI had a request to make cake pops for a housewarming party!  Baby blue and white were the choice of colors and I always love dipping white cake pops with vanilla flavor because the colors just seem more vibrant!  Made a sign to go with it and at the very bottom was the my client’s photo!  I really hope everyone enjoyed them!  Sorry I couldn’t make it but I’m sure the house looked beautiful!