Gotta Catch’em All!

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I CHOOSE YOU! Definitely had fun making these cake pops!  The only thing I had to do was buy a whole bag of smarties and remove just the white ones!  Pretty simple to make.  Dip all in white, then half in red, and then piped the black trimming around the ball.  Then I squeezed some black candy melts on the smartie and pressed it on, which then created the black trimming around the smartie!!  Hope everyone liked them!

Congrats Khang and Diana

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_DSC8271Happiest wedding day to the beautiful couple, Khang and Diana!  I was very honored to have shared this special day with them!!  I flew up to Washington roughly a week prior to the wedding to help with the artsy stuff!  This was a total DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding and it turned out perfectly!!  I was asked to make cake pops for the dessert table and I was so excited because I made 2 flavors that I’ve never done before, Matcha Green Tea and Coffee!!  They turned out amazing considering I premade all the batter, baked, and rolled!  I dipped and sprinkled the rest at the cabin that I stayed at the night before the wedding!  I am very happy that I got to spend a week and a half with my loving family!!  Hope you guys have a great life together!  Love you!


It’s a Jungle in Here!!

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Congratulations to Jennifer and John!!  They are expecting their first born child, Ian, who will be estimated to arrive into this world on August 4, 2014!  I was so thrilled and excited when they asked me if I could make jungle animal cake pops.  I have been itching to make these for the longest time but never had the chance to and this was my time to do it!  I have never ever made these before and of course I got my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.  These took a whole day to make but it was so worth it  because I got so many compliments on it throughout the baby shower!  It made me so happy and even more happier to see the joy on other people’s faces while they bite into the animal’s head! These were so fun to make and I hope everyone enjoyed them!