Ombre Pink

A few weeks ago, I made cake pops for a friends wedding (here) and my friend contacted me and said a friend of hers loved the pictures that she saw.  Another order was put in for another wedding but this time, she wanted an ombre look (light to dark contrast).  I tried my best and made it look somewhat ombre but I think it turned out well.  A bit lighter on the light side in this picture but you can tell there is a hint of change in person 😉 A big challenge was making the tuxedo.   Now, it was easy making tuxedos while the cake pops are set down but when they are standing up, it was a bit of a problem but I managed to get it done..kind of.  More practice for me!!!  Also, woke up at 6am, work 9am-6pm, end of the summer BBQ at work 6pm-9pm, and then close to 6 hours of cake pop making (1/2 at night and 1/2 in the morning).  The most intense work I’ve ever done! Hope the happy couple likes it!


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